The Council is active in Washington on behalf of credit card users and for those who accept credit cards.
Credit cards are convenient and, with the Internet economy, the use of credit cards has exploded.

That explosion has enriched the card issuers and the salesforce that sells merchant credit card processing terminals and services.

Often, this leads to merchants who struggle to keep the cost of accepting credit cards from eating into their cash flow and profit margins. When accepting credit cards becomes too costly, the merchant tries to pass the cost along to the customer in higher prices.

The U.S. Congress tried to address the issue through legislation but the major credit card brands simply adopted a new rate structure that erased the legislation's provisions that benefitted cardholders and merchants who accept credit cards.

That's where the Credit Leadership Council comes in.

We have retained some of Washington's best-known lobbyists, including a former state senator who has headed two large associations, a former Senate employee who is a friend of many national leaders, including former U.S. presidents and current and former House and Senate members, and the former chairman of the American League of Lobbyists.

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The Credit Leadership Council works to keep merchant credit card processing fees low and transparent.
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A few of the 28,000 members of the Council:

Baskin Robbins
Kwik Kopy
Centerstage Tickets
Taco Bell
Calder's Coffee
Dental Associates
USA Computer City
Kaufman's Tall & Big
Panini Grill
Armadillo Restaurants
Indian Springs Resort
Plaza Hotels
Turin Bicycles
Lewis Paper
Rainbow Rewards
Texaco Express Lube
Ocean Grill
Play It Again Sports
Big & Tall Stores

As you can see, the Council has members of all sizes, from single-location shops to large, national chains.

Please join us in working for lower fees and related costs for cardholders and merchants, as well as quicker transfer to merchants of amounts due on business charged to credit cards.

We intend to keep up our advocacy for clear and transparent laws and regulations on credit card processing and related charges to merchants and cardholders.
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